Fecal Baggie on Card Only (100/Bag)

Fecal Baggie on Card Only (100/Bag)
Product Description

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Fecal Baggie on Card: Encouraging Compliance and Ease of Identification

Make fecal sample collection easier and more organized with the convenient Fecal Baggie on Card. This product is designed to streamline the process of collecting and identifying fecal samples from pets for testing purposes

Key Features:

  • Fecal Sample Bag: The fecal sample bag is designed to securely hold fecal specimens. It provides a clean and hygienic way to collect and transport samples to the testing facility

  • Pet's Name and Collection Date: The bag features a designated space to write the pet's name and the date of collection. This ensures accurate identification and tracking of samples

  • Encouraging Compliance: By providing a designated space for the pet's name and collection date, the bag encourages pet owners to comply with specimen requests and provide all necessary information

  • Identification Card: The package includes an identification card that aids in the identification of common intestinal parasites. This card serves as a reference for both pet owners and veterinary professionals

  • Quantity: Each package contains 100 fecal sample bags, providing an ample supply for various testing needs

Whether you're a veterinary clinic, animal hospital, or pet care facility, the Fecal Baggie on Card offers a practical solution for fecal sample collection and identification.

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