5" x 5" Paw Room Identification Sign

5" x 5" Paw Room Identification Sign
Product Description

SKU: 93300

Seamlessly guide your staff and clients with our professional and unique Paw Room Identification Signs.

Perfectly Sized: Measuring 5” x 5”, our Paw Room Identification Signs are designed to blend effortlessly into any space while maintaining clear visibility for all.

Customization Options: Make it uniquely yours! Tailor the sign to your specific needs with our customization options:

Charming Paw Designs: Choose from a delightful range of paw design to add a touch of character to your signs. Select from the following captivating colors: 

  • Textured White with Black Paw
  • Textured Tan with Brown Paw
  • Ultra-Matte Parchment with Black Paw
  • Textured Black with White Paw

Custom Room Number Selection: Personalize your Paw Room Identification Signs further by selecting your desired room number from 1 to 10. Make each sign uniquely yours and facilitate efficient room identification throughout your practice.

Easy Installation: For hassle-free mounting, opt for our optional adhesive backing (+ $1.00), ensuring quick and simple installation without the need for additional tools or hardware. 

Navigate your establishment with ease, professionalism and a delightful touch. Our Paw Room Identification Signs are a perfect fit for pet-friendly offices, veterinary clinics, animal shelters or any space that celebrates the love for pets.

    $ 20.00