12" x 4" Write-Boards™ Brass Plate Slide Holder

12" x 4" Write-Boards™ Brass Plate Slide Holder
Product Description

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12" x 4" Write-Boards Brass Plate Slide Holder - Streamlined Display Solution

Effortlessly display your 12" x 4" Write-Boards Slide Plates with our convenient Brass Plate Slide Holder. This purpose-built accessory is designed to provide a seamless and professional way to showcase your important information, making it easily visible and accessible.

Key Features:

  • Optimal Size: Specifically crafted to accommodate 12" x 4" Write-Boards Slide Plates, this holder ensures a perfect fit and secure display

  • Durable Brass Construction: Constructed from high-quality brass, this slide holder offers durability, longevity and an elegant appearance that complements any setting

  • Secure Mounting: The holder comes equipped with two pre-drilled holes, facilitating quick and straightforward mounting on various surfaces

  • Efficient Display: By securely holding the Write-Boards Slide Plates, this holder enables efficient and organized display of vital information

  • Professional Appearance: The brass construction adds a touch of professionalism and sophistication to your displayed information, enhancing its visual impact

  • Enhanced Visibility: Elevate the visibility of your information by placing it within this slide holder, ensuring that important details catch the eye

  • Multipurpose Use: Whether in healthcare facilities, educational institutions, offices, or any setting where information needs to be presented effectively, this holder proves valuable

  • Easy Replacement: Swapping out Slide Plates is a breeze, allowing for easy updates and adjustments without removing the entire holder from the mounting surface

  • Space-Saving: This slide holder is designed to maximize space while keeping your information prominently displayed

  • Versatile Mounting: Mount the holder on walls, doors, bulletin boards or any suitable surface, adapting to your specific needs

  • Sleek Design: The simple yet sleek design of the brass holder seamlessly integrates with different environments, providing an unobtrusive display solution

Efficiently display your 12" x 4" Write-Boards Slide Plates using the Brass Plate Slide Holder. Whether for informational purposes, wayfinding or displaying important guidelines, this holder offers a polished and practical method to showcase your content with clarity and style.

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