Custom Full Color Sublimated Oval Name Badge

Product Description

SKU: 93154

Custom Full Color Oval Name Badge – Vibrant and Long-Lasting Identification!

Size:  Measuring 3” x 1-1/2”, our Custom Full Color Oval Name Badge offers ample space for clear visibility of your identification details.

Durable Sublimation Inks: Using high quality sublimation inks, our badges are heat-pressed to ensure long-lasting and vibrant colors that stay brilliant over time.

Customization Options: Personalize your badge with precision:

  • Name and Job Title: Each badge includes your name and job title, ensuring clear identification at a glance
  • Add a Logo: Promote your brand by adding your own logo
  • Fastener Options: Select between a triple magnetic fastener or a safety pin fastener, providing secure and comfortable attachment
  • Color Variety: Choose from a wide selection of colors, enabling you to tailor the badge to your taste or complement your branding

Wide Variety of Full-Color Sublimated Options: Choose from our array of 11 different full-color sublimated options to match your branding or complement your space’s aesthetics. The color choices include:

  • Black with White Text
  • Blue Marble with White Text
  • Green Marble with White Text
  • Green with White Text
  • Maroon Marble with White Text
  • Maroon with White Text
  • Purple Marble with White Text
  • Royal Blue with White Text
  • Sapphire Blue with White Text
  • Teal with White Text
  • White with Black Text

    Bulk Orders: See below for quantity breaks. For orders exceeding 25 badges, please call 800.634.6066 for special pricing details. 

    $ 17.45