HAS OWN BELONGINGS Clip-Its™ (Pack of 6)

Product Description

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"HAS OWN BELONGINGS" Clip-Its: Enhancing Kennel Communication About Personal Items

Blue with White Text - General Information for Kennel Help

The "HAS OWN BELONGINGS" Clip-Its provide a simple yet effective way to communicate important information about animals' personal belongings in kennel environments. With a blue background and white text, these Clip-Its are designed to visually convey that animals have their own belongings and special care instructions.

Key Features:

  • General Information for Kennel Help: Engraved with the message "HAS OWN BELONGINGS," these Clip-Its communicate the presence of personal items for specific animals

  • Color-Coded System: The blue background and white text adhere to a color-coded system that indicates the presence of personal belongings and the need for special care

  • Engraved Communication: The instructions on the Clip-Its are engraved, ensuring durability and consistent visibility

  • Alligator Clip Attachment: Equipped with an alligator clip, these Clip-Its can be easily attached to scrubs, uniforms or clothing for quick access and visibility

  • Ability to Hang Multiple Clip-Its Together: Kennel staff can attach multiple Clip-Its together, creating a comprehensive visual reminder for animals with their own belongings

  • Scratch-Resistant and High-Quality: Constructed from scratch-resistant and high-quality materials, these Clip-Its are built to withstand daily use in kennel environments

  • Optimal Size: With a size of 3" x 3" square, these Clip-Its are noticeable without being obtrusive

  • Optional Carabiner Clips: Separate carabiner clips are available for purchase, providing an alternative attachment method for the Clip-Its

  • Pack Quantity and Pricing: These Clip-Its are available in packs of 6, offering a convenient way to communicate the presence of personal items for animals

For details about quantities and individual pricing, please contact us at 800.634.6066 or email sales@visualmanagementllc.com

Whether for personal use, bulk orders or customized solutions, our Clip-Its prioritize clear communication and patient care. 

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