IN HEAT Clip-Its™ (Pack of 6)

Product Description

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"IN HEAT" Clip-Its: Enhance Communication and Awareness

Yellow with Black Text - Caution, Diagnostic Conditions Requiring Special Attention

Ensure effective communication and heightened awareness with our "IN HEAT" Clip-Its. Designed with a yellow background and black text, these Clip-Its serve as a visual cue, communicating the need for special attention due to a pet being in heat. Easily attachable to scrubs or uniforms, these Clip-Its provide a clear and consistent message that promotes pet safety and understanding.

Key Features:

  • Caution, Diagnostic Conditions / Special Attention: The "IN HEAT" Clip-Its are specifically designed to alert both clients and staff members that a pet is currently in heat and requires special attention and care

  • Consistent Message: The engraved sign with black text on a yellow background ensures a clear and uniform message, enhancing communication and understanding

  • Easy Attachment: Featuring an alligator clip design, these Clip-Its can be effortlessly attached to uniforms or scrubs, making the information readily accessible

  • Color-Coded System: Utilizing a color-coded system enables quick identification of pets in heat, contributing to their safety and well-being

  • Versatile Usage: These Clip-Its can be used individually or attached in multiples to convey various messages, promoting versatile communication

  • Durable Construction: Crafted from scratch-resistant, high-quality material, these Clip-Its are designed to withstand daily use while maintaining visibility

  • Optimal Size: With a measurement of 3" x 3" square, these Clip-Its offer a noticeable size without hindering tasks or movement

  • Secure Carabiner Clips: Optional secure carabiner clips (available separately) offer an alternative method of attaching these Clip-Its

  • Pack Quantity and Pricing: Available in packs of 6, these Clip-Its offer a practical solution for enhancing communication and awareness

For inquiries regarding quantities and individual pricing, please contact us at 800.634.6066 or email

Whether for individual use, bulk orders or customized solutions, we are dedicated to collaborating with you to enhance pet safety and understanding. Together, let's ensure that important messages are effectively conveyed to promote the well-being of pets and staff in veterinary and animal care settings.

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