Restroom - Unisex

Restroom - Unisex
Product Description

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ADA Compliant Braille Unisex Restroom Signs – Ensuring Accessibility and Inclusivity!

Size: Measuring 8” x 8”, our ADA Compliant Braille Restroom Signs are designed to meet the requirements for easy readability and touch accessibility.

Accessible Design: Featuring raised graphics and text, our sign ensures clear visual identification, and for those with visual impairments, Braille text is provided below the raised text, promoting an inclusive environment.

ADA Compliant Blue with White Graphics and Text: The sign adheres to ADA guidelines, with a sleek blue background and white graphics and text, ensuring proper color contrast and compliance with accessibility standards.

Customization Available: For color customization options, please call our team at 800.634.6066. We are more than happy to work with you to create a sign that perfectly matches your establishment’s branding or décor.


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