Write-Boards™ Name Badge - White / Red

Write-Boards™ Name Badge - White / Red
Product Description

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Write-Boards Name Badge – Your Customizable, Reusable Badge Solution!

Size: Measuring 3” x 1”, our Write-Boards Name Badge provides a compact and versatile platform for your identification needs.

High-Quality Material: Made with the same durable and scratch resistant material as our Write-Boards Clip-Its, this badge ensures longevity and professional appeal.

Blank and Customizable: Our name badge comes blank, allowing you to personalize it as needed. Use dry erase markers to write your name, designation or any information you prefer. Easily update your badge whenever needed! For more permanent information, use Isopropyl alcohol to wipe off a permanent marker. 

Rounded Corners: The badge features rounded corners, adding a touch of elegance and safety to the design. 

Triple Magnetic Fastener: Attach your badge with ease and security using our triple magnetic fastener, ensuring a reliable hold.

Streamline your identification process with our innovative Write-Boards Name Badge – Ideal for events, conferences, seminars and workplaces where flexible identification is essential.

Embrace the convenience of customization and reusability for all your identification needs.

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